The Biggest Esports Tournaments of 2024

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Welcome to 2024, an exciting year for esports enthusiasts worldwide! This year promises a dynamic array of tournaments and events across various games. Here’s a rundown of some of the most anticipated esports tournaments for this year

The Biggest Esports Tournaments of 2024

Call of Duty League Major 1 – Boston, USA (Jan. 25-28)

The Call of Duty competitive scene kicks off in Boston. With qualifiers in full swing, teams like Atlanta FaZe and New York Subliners are already showing their prowess. Miami Heretics are the dark horses this season. This event will see all 12 CDL teams vying for supremacy, with their qualifier performance determining their seeding.

IEM Katowice – Katowice, Poland (Jan. 31 – Feb. 11)

Marking the start of the Counter-Strike 2 (CS2) tournament calendar, IEM Katowice is a prestigious event. Post the release of CS2 in late 2023, this event is set to be the first major CS2 showdown. Teams like G2 Esports, FaZe Clan, and Team Vitality will be key contenders among the 24 participating teams.

Six Invitational – Rainbow Six Siege – São Paolo, Brazil (Feb. 13-25)

This Rainbow Six Siege tournament is unique as it crowns a world champion at the start of the year. 2023 champions G2 Esports will defend their title amidst strong contenders, including w7m esports and This tournament is also noteworthy for its diverse global representation, including teams from Japan and the UAE.

Masters Madrid – VALORANT – Madrid, Spain (March 14-23)

The VALORANT Champions Tour Masters will unfold in Madrid, featuring top teams from various regions. The focus will be on teams like Fnatic, LOUD, and Paper Rex. Evil Geniuses, the previous world champions, have undergone significant changes, adding an element of unpredictability to this tournament.

Copenhagen Major – Counter-Strike 2 – Copenhagen, Denmark (March 17-31)

The first CS2 Major of the year is set in Denmark. The event will be a litmus test for teams like Team Vitality, G2, and FaZe Clan, and will draw on the momentum from IEM Katowice and the Blast spring season.

CDL Major 2 – Call of Duty – Miami, USA (March 21-24)

Miami hosts its first-ever Major. This event will be especially intriguing if the Miami Heretics maintain their strong form from the Major 1 qualifiers.

RLCS Major 1 – Rocket League – Location TBA (March 27-31)

This Rocket League tournament will follow regional qualifiers globally. Reigning world champions Team Vitality are among the favorites, but the competition is fierce due to significant roster changes across top teams.

League of Legends Mid-Season Invitational – Chengdu, China (May 1-19)

Held after regional spring seasons, MSI 2024 returns to China. The winner of MSI will now automatically qualify for the World Championship, adding extra significance to the tournament. Defending champions JD Gaming and other top teams from China and Korea will be the ones to watch.

VCT Masters Shanghai – VALORANT – Shanghai, China (May-June TBD)

Set after the Stage 1 of the VCT regional leagues, this VALORANT Masters event in Shanghai will be a key tournament, especially with China’s recent entry into the VCT league.

Blast Spring Final – Counter-Strike 2 – London, England (June 12-16)

Following IEM Katowice and the Copenhagen Major, this event will be pivotal in shaping the CS2 competitive landscape for the year.

RLCS Major 2 – Rocket League – Location TBA (June 26-30)

The second Rocket League Major of the year, with a revamped season structure, will feature top teams from Europe, North America, MENA, and South America.

CDL Champs – Call of Duty – Location and Dates TBD

The climax of the CDL season, CDL Champs, will likely occur in July/August. The reigning champions, New York Subliners, will be among the teams to watch.

IEM Cologne – Counter-Strike 2 – Cologne, Germany (Aug. 7-18)

One of the most prestigious events in the CS2 calendar, IEM Cologne, often referred to as the ‘Cathedral of Counter-Strike,’ will be a major highlight.

VALORANT Champions – Location and Dates TBD

The pinnacle of the VALORANT Champions Tour, this event is expected to take place around August-September.

RLCS World Championship – Rocket League – Location TBA (Sept. 10-15)

This event will gather the best Rocket League teams, following the year’s two Majors.

Blast Fall Final – Counter-Strike 2 – Copenhagen, Denmark (Sept. 23-29)

Another significant CS2 event, the Blast Fall Final, will return to Copenhagen.

League of Legends Worlds – London, England (Final on Nov. 2)

The grand finale of the League of Legends competitive season will take place at The O2 in London. The tournament will likely feature top teams from various regions, including the defending champions T1.

Blast World Final – Counter-Strike 2 – Abu Dhabi, UAE (Nov. 11-17)

Returning to Abu Dhabi, this event will gather the year’s top CS2 teams.

Shanghai Major – Counter-Strike 2 – Shanghai, China (Dec. 1-15)

Concluding the year’s esports calendar, this CS2 Major in Shanghai will be the first in China, offering a unique setting for the event.

These events not only celebrate the skill and strategy of professional gamers but also reflect the growing global appeal of esports. Fans worldwide can look forward to thrilling matches, unexpected upsets, and the emergence of new esports legends throughout the year.

2024’s Premier Esports Tournaments: A Global Showcase

As we wrap up our comprehensive overview of the biggest esports tournaments in 2024, it’s clear that this year is set to be a landmark one in the realm of competitive gaming. From the strategic showdowns in Counter-Strike 2 to the high-octane battles of Call of Duty and the strategic mastery in League of Legends, each tournament represents not just a test of skill and teamwork, but also the evolving landscape of esports.

These events, spread across the globe, are not merely competitions; they are celebrations of a vibrant, dynamic community that continues to grow and captivate audiences worldwide. Whether you’re a die-hard esports fan or a curious newcomer, the 2024 esports calendar promises excitement, drama, and moments of unparalleled gaming brilliance. Let’s brace ourselves for a year of thrilling competitions, emerging talents, and unforgettable esports history in the making.

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