E-Sport Betting Tips For The 2021 Market

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E-sport betting tips might be a headline you have come across often, but are you getting the best tips? Betting on e-sport is a great way to earn good money, but you have to bet right. It is one of the most straightforward kinds of betting. E-sport betting is also fun and has attracted very many punters across the world. A recent survey shows that a considerable percentage of the fan base on e-sport is attracted to the sport by gambling. In the recent past, the betting market has grown tremendously. It is now worth at least one billion dollars when valued annually. And these numbers keep soaring.

Why, then, not take a step back from mind-blowing stories and figures about the industry and look at e-sport betting tips again. Tips that are actually relevant in the 2021 e-sport betting market.

Consider and Understand the Risks

It’s effortless and quick to make a significant amount of money on e-sport gambling. However, to make money, just like any other money-making venture, you need to put in a lot of time and effort. Also, keep it at the back of your mind that there are risks involved in every opportunity. Understand that there are risks involved, and in gambling, a loss is far more probable than a win. This is not to discourage you, but it’s a fact that you should know. Also, ensure you know there is a win on the horizon after a losing streak. It also prepares you for the risk you should expect, especially for beginners.

Have a Budget

In gambling, they advise you to gamble using the money you are willing to lose. It is advisable to have a budget first to avoid regretting later. Set aside a specific amount that will be used for gambling only after you have paid all your bills. As stated above, it’s easier to lose your money than to win. Also, gambling can be addictive, and you need to always be in control. Having a budget will protect you from overspending your hard-earned money through gambling.

Like any other form of punting, one golden e-sport betting tips is to have a fixed budget.
Gamers in a session. Always have a fixed betting budget regardless of the team you are betting on | Image: Alexander Schimmeck/ Unsplash

A pro tip is to never take out a loan for gambling. We have seen many people getting into bankruptcy after borrowing money and losing it all to gambling. If you lose all your budgeted money on gambling, it’s not the end of the road because there is always the next time. You should be patient and take that time to do more constructive things like fully understanding the game’s dynamics. It will be beneficial to wait for the next time you have some extra income to use for betting.

Use a Reputable Gambling Site

For e-sport, most people use online betting sites, and it’s essential to conduct some background research before settling for a site to use. There are many sites, many of which are genuine, a few might have a questionable reputation. Ensure the site you choose for gambling is encrypted and secure by checking a lock icon at the top left side of the URL. A secured site ensures that all your confidential information is safe and will not be leaked to unauthorized people. Safety of your information, especially the bank details, is crucial as you will not lose your money trying to win some more.

Consider Using Multiple Betting Sites.

When gambling, it’s all about the odds, and this means you should never rely on a single site. Different sites will offer different odds for the same team, and a pro tip is always to select and use the site that offers more odds. Without saying, this translates to more money in case of a win for you. When comparing the odds with different betting sites, you will determine the team with fewer odds on various sites. The team with fewer odds is often more likely to win, which means you should bet in favour of the said team. 

Understand E-sport Games Before Betting

To fully understand the game, play the actual video games. It will help you understand the rules and intricacies of each game thoroughly. You can bet on several things apart from who will win and who will lose. For instance, you could bet on a particular player to make certain moves and at what point, especially in live betting. When you fully understand the game, you will easily predict a player’s next move positively, giving you a higher chance of winning.

Know the Players

After you are fully conversant with how the game works, the next part is to research and know the competing players. Knowing each player’s strengths and weaknesses will help you determine whether to bet against them, depending on their strengths and weaknesses. Even when teams play in the tournament, consider all the players involved and which team combination makes the strongest team.

If a specific substantial team loss even a single experienced player, it weakens the team, and the chances of winning get lower. Some teams may also reshuffle players’ roles in a game setting, and understanding the player’s capabilities will help you determine if they can handle the roles that lead to a win or not.

esport betting tips: Always bet with Focus
Golden e-sport betting tips: FOCUS | Image: Paul Skorupskas/Unsplash

Don’t Be A Jack Of All Trades.

There is no jack of all trades in e-sport gambling. Avoid having partial information on several e-sport games. Instead, select a single game, for example, and thoroughly research it until you are fully conversant with playing it, rules, and any vital information. A pro tip is to consider an e-sport that often holds great value on betting sites. It helps you to make a wise betting decision like betting with a smaller budget and making huge profits from the proceeds. Finally, when you become an expert in a single e-sport, consider expanding your knowledge and moving on to another.

Look Beyond Significant Competitions.

Significant competitions have huge followings. It means that there will be a lot of games and matches to place your bets on. However, many of these games do not have high odds compared to smaller e-sport competitions. The local tournaments that are much smaller have several matchups, which presents a tremendous winning opportunity.

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