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Counter Strike: Global Offensive, often simply referred to as CS: GO has built quite a reputation for itself since entering the video games scene in 2012. Its multi-player and first-person-shooter (FPS) models have contributed greatly to making it popular.

Above enjoying the game from the gaming pads and watching teams, another avenue has come up in recent years- CS: GO gambling. The practice is fast gaining popularity in all places where CS: GO is common. It is done in two ways: e-sports betting and skin gambling.


Skin Gambling

This is a form of gambling where players and fans bet on the outcome of CSGO matches using virtual items 9e.g money) that do not affect gameplay. The independence of these elements from the game is what makes them be referred to as ‘skins.’

When skin gambling was first introduced, it was ideally meant to make people enjoy virtual games even more without turning them into gambling avenues. However, everyone probably knew that would not last. Eventually, and inevitably, people who won a lot from the skins were going to start getting dreamy.

Imagine having a thousand virtual Euros while in the wallet there is nothing to smile about. The idea of what one would if that money was real will definitely come to mind. That dreamy picture formed a fertile ground for skin gambling websites to flourish. These are sites where people can exchange their virtual coins and winnings to real money.

It is an easy guess that these skin gambling websites became an instant hit. And, due to this demand, they started popping up in their numbers. Then the inevitable happened…

The influx of CS: GO skin betting sites attracted some illegitimate traders. This meant that players were at risk of losing their virtual winnings without getting actual money in return. This became some of sort of scandal (some will call it a full-blown one, depends on who you ask).

So, long story short, is CS: GO skin gambling recommended?

The short answer is no. On the other hand, the long-form answer is yes. Skin gambling in its purest form is fun and safe. It deals with virtual items so there is no risk of losing real money. If one seeks to turn their skin winnings to real money, however, they should know they are exposed because of the shady regulations surrounding the model.

Again, after the scandal in 2016, CS: GO providers generally frown upon skin gambling for real money. It puts a bad spot on their name especially because of its association with minor gambling. People who wish to become professional CS: GO players might want to avoid CS: GO skin gambling for posterity.

Which then begs the question: What is the best alternative?

Enter e-sports betting!

CSGO Gambling For Real Money

While skin gambling is a common way for people who want to play CS: GO for real money, those who develop cold feet towards it can find a great alternative in online betting houses. Opting for this route assures the player of a safer and better-regulated experience.

The mainstream online gaming houses that offer CS: GO markets are usually licensed by the gaming authorities of the land. Besides being safer, these houses also offer an easier-to-understand betting model. They have clear options that players can bet on.

Unlike the skin betting model whose initial purpose was to just give players a good time, CS: GO gambling in licensed gaming houses was designed for real money gaming. This means that the model has clearer playing terms and conditions than its skin gambling counterpart.

CS: GO online gambling markets can be found in huge gaming houses like Betway, 888, William Hill, Netbet, Betfair, Tonybet and Mr. Green. The sheer size of these gaming houses makes them trustable, something that remains far from assured when betting in skin gambling outfits.

Furthermore, the capital base of huge gambling houses is enough reason to pick them over skin gamblers. No matter how much money you win, an established house is able and likely to make the pay-out. They can afford it and, in the rare event that they try to withhold it, there are clear legal channels to make pursuit.

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So, there you have it, all you need to know about Counter Strike: Global Offensive Gambling. Now you’re set!

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