The Best E-Sport Coaches of All Time

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As E-sport popularity soars, coaches are also becoming an essential element for many upcoming teams. A team will not win and become successful by just having seasoned and high-profile players. They will need a professional and highly-experienced coach who will guide and mentor the teams and players to succeed. Coaches guide players through the gamers and mentor the young minds for growth and development that will help them even in the real world outside e-sport.

The coach also observes what players are going through on a day-to-day basis. Understanding this is one of the vital elements that lead to the player’s or the team’s success, as the coach will properly advise the individuals.

The best e-sport coaches can turn average players into stars
Going through the paces: Even the best e-sport players need coaches for them to utilise their potential fully } Image: Unsplash

Unfortunately, the coaches endure the most pressure and, often, they never receive much credit for their outstanding work. Which is why in today’s article we choose to shine a light on some of the best e-sports coaches on the industry.

Jakob Mebdi

Jakob Mebdi’s professional name is YamatoCannon. He is a League of legends (LoL) veteran with years of experience as a player and a coach. All the teams he has coached have been successful, with most of them appearing on world championship stages. Unfortunately, he has not earned the LEC title after the streak of his achievements both as a player and coach.

He is a mentor, friend, and leader to all the players and teams, and players he has interacted with. His coaching style has been similar throughout clear in the teams he has coached. They are all aggressive and brave throughout their matches, giving the fans a show no matter the odds against them. He might not be the number one coach in Europe yet, but he is a force to reckon with everyone that should look out for.

Joey Steltenpool

We also know him as YoungBuck, a legendary coach from Europe. Joey is a six times LEC titleholder, also known as the Six-Star General. He won these titles in different line-ups, and this made him even more legendary. YoungBuck was the leader of both G2 Esports and Fnatic. He is a reasonably outspoken coach- friendly and nurturing for every team member. His coaching strategy stands out as he mainly focuses and prioritizes teamwork over individual skills. It gives all his players a structure, and every one of them fully understands their roles which lead to success.

Kim Jeong-Hyun

KkOma, as he’s popularly known, is a famous South Korean coach known for League of Legends. He was among the founders of the most successful team in Korea, known as the SKT T1. He has led several other teams to success, including three World Championships, two Mid-Season Invitational trophies, and eight LCK titles. This coach has a dedicated systematic approach to how he carries out his coaching and mentorship, all of which have led to teams’ success. KkOma is currently the head coach of DWG KIA. Besides being their leader, he is also an inspiring tale to many other teams and coaches.

Bok Han-Gyu

His stage name is Reapered, key among the best e-sports coaches to reckon with. Bok can transform a rookie into a superstar, which makes him legendary. He is the number one coach in North America who has exhibited a successful streak of developing and nurturing local talent in the region. Reapered has not yet won the LCS title but he led the team to the top-four in the World Championships held in 2018.

He currently coaches the Cloud9 team. Under his mentorship, the team is now the most confident, creative, and flexible team in North America. The coach has different approaches to training and mentorship for his teams, all of which have been successful.

Titouan Merlot

We also refer to him as the Sockshka, which is OG’s head coach. The OG is the only team that has won Dota two times in a row under Sockshka’s mentorship. He has years of experience, which has seen him pull through and succeed with a top line-up. We know the talented French coach for bringing together diverse line-ups and mentoring them to success.

With a good coach, every player can improve massively
Don’t sit on your potential. Find a good coach and grow | Image: Unsplash

Danny Sørensen

Also known by his professional name, Zonic, he is a legend in every way. He is the best Danish Counter Striker of all time. Zonic has a wealth of knowledge and experience and calling him the best coach may sound like an understatement. He is the best coach for Astralis and the most dominant Counter striker in the history of the Global Offensive team. This awesome coach has led Astralis to win four CS: GO Majors, three of which are in succession. Under his mentorship, the team has revolutionized the game. Australia is now the most legendary CS: GO team and the most dreaded team across the world. He has also led many other teams to success throughout his playing and coaching career.

James Crowder

James Crowder’s professional name is Crowder. He is famous for his contribution to the FaZe Clan. He has the most legendary coaching skills and even got named the Coach of the Year in 2019. The retired Call of Duty player is one of the best and the youngest e-sport coaches in the industry. Currently, he coaches the Atlanta Faze and the team is doing great since he stepped in as their coach. He has previously coached chops and the 100 Thieves for the 2019 season. With this trajectory, he is well placed to land in the e-sport coaches hall of fame.

Aaron Atkins

Also known as Aero, he is among the best the most respected players and coach. He is best known for leading the Dallas Fuel and Team USA. Since he started coaching the Dallas Fuel, they have showed massive improvement in all areas. He leads the teams with brilliance and diligence. As a result, Dallas Fuel is now more consistent with their performances. The structure and the strategic coaching style of Aero have helped many teams he has worked with to play even harder and come out victorious in the long run. Aero has shown his prowess by leading Team USA to victory a few months ago, giving him even greater recognition in the e-sports industry.

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