E-sport Careers Besides Actual Gaming

Tom Johnson

  • E-sport careers keep expanding as the industry grows
  • People without a knack for actual gaming can still make careers in e-sport support
  • E-sport careers range from development to PR, legal representation and broadcast among others

E-sport is the fastest-growing area of sports today, and careers in the sector continue to emerge. You have probably seen the vast investments being channelled into the sport. But have you stopped for a minute and thought how many careers are being born with the magical growth of e-gaming? Probably not. Gone are the days the only way people could make money was through traditional jobs. Advancements in technology have created very many jobs and employed many (mostly young) people. Besides gaming, e-sports has a host of other profitable careers. Here are some of the main ones:

Casters and Hosts

Casters and commentators during the live matches help to keep the audience entertained. They discuss in detail before, during, and after the games to analyse the game and team/individual performances. Their analysis helps even amateur players to understand the games and digest everything that happens in the competition. 

Graphics are a great way to get involved in e-sport
The e-sports industry is a fertile area for video and audio editors too. | Image: Onur Binay/ Unsplash

In this category, the e-sport industry has created two types of jobs. They include the play-by-play casters that analyse and provide the audience with on-the-fly narration. The second position is the colour caster tasked with a supplementary analysis of information and any newsworthy moments during a match.

Both categories communicate and relay valuable and entertaining information to users and ensure the viewing is fun. To build a career in this area, you need a solid and cheerful personality and excellent communication skills. 


Analysts are experts who capture vital information and providing exciting news. They ensure that everyone understands what happened and learns from it. They later analyse the match and the players’ performance to help them generate strategies that they (players) can use in future games. The analysis is often relayed to the players through their coaches.


Coaches have the second most essential positions after the players. They work hand in hand with players, giving them guidelines and tips that help them to perform better against opponents. These established guides are also in charge of identifying the player’s weaknesses and strengths. They also help players to overcome their weaknesses and fears, maintain and even improve their resilience.

Coaches also guide players to attain their full potential. They do this by ensuring they know each player personally to know when they are not their usual selves. They also offer some fundamental guidance and counselling to players when they are going through difficulties in their personal lives. Coaches should also develop strategies and analyze opponents. With this, they create plans that help their teams to win matches. They also take the day-to-day accounting of the gaming house and ensure that players have a conducive environment at all times. E-sport careers in coaching are often the end-point of retired professional gamers.

Administrators and Referees

Administrators and game referees oversee everything in e-sport tournaments and competitions. They ensure that gamers observe all the rules and regulations. Referees help to resolve any disputes among players and their opponents. They also work hand-in-hand with event organizers, broadcasters, and the players to make sure everything runs smoothly and on time. Administrators and referees also act as timekeepers during the game and ensure that games start and end in time. They also make sure the players take the recommended breaks to ensure they are well-rested between rounds.

Public Relations and Marketing Executives

E-sport teams and companies often have entire departments dedicated to marketing and dealing with public relations issues. The public relations personnel work closely with journalists and social media influencers to maintain the positive image of a team’s brand. The marketing team maintains the team’s budget, advertisement, and signing of sponsorship deals to help them grow their fan and customer base. Marketers are also in charge of conducting advertisements and popularizing e-sport tournaments to ensure the teams and the tournaments are successful. 

E-Sport Careers in Finance and Legal Teams

The finance team is in control of the team’s accounts and finances. Their job descriptions involve paying all the staff in the group and the players. The finance unit is also in charge of resource allocation. They disburse funds awarded to them by their sponsors, team owners, and the management team. 

Careers in e-sport are popping up fast and steady
There are loads of support careers popping up as the e-sport industry expands. These careers are in formats that allow people to work remotely | Image: Lweendo Hachileka/ Unsplash

The legal team of an e-sport team helps to draw up contracts, settle disputes, and restructure any legal matters that arise. Some positions like these require qualified representatives with university degrees. They are also among the highest-paid ranks. 

Event Managers and Executive Producers

Managers are in charge of everything that occurs on the day of the tournament. They ensure that the arena is well organized; that everything required by players is in the right place. They also ensure that the seating arrangement is perfect to avoid confusion when competition begins. 

Executive producers are in charge of the live events and online streaming of the games. Their primary task is to develop strategies that help different departments to work with each other to ensure the entire event is successful.

E-sport Careers in Network and Software Engineering

This is one of the most coveted careers in the industry. Sector players ensure that the software and networks used by gamers, hosts, and analysts, among others, are in crisp condition. 

Software engineers also develop codes and sites required by gaming companies to create games for e-sports.

Graphic Designers, Coders, and Developers 

They help to create appealing logos for sports teams, gaming companies, advertising teams, among others in the e-sport industry. They also create web content and social media content that helps teams to grow their popularity.

Coders and developers help to create and design future games and update the current ones. They code and test programs for the game software. If the games’ software develops any bugs and malfunction, they are the people who fix such issues.

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