Women in E-Sports- A New, Refreshing Taste

Tom Johnson


Women in e-sports is definitely one of the best things that have happened to sports in recent times. Recently we had a women-only sports festival that was held in Lisbon, Portugal. The event had eight professional teams taking part. Women’s representation in sports is growing albeit at a slow pace. There are still fewer women than we would like to see in top management positions and also taking part in gaming. Still, the industry has come a long way. For example, in e-sport, there is roughly 30% representation of women. It would, however, be better if the representation is up to 50%. The industry has potential and capable women to take up these positions that men dominate and play a part in building the industry.

Departure from Tradition

In the mainstream e-sporting arena, there are very few women taking part in professional gaming. Men primarily dominate e-sport, and the trend is worrying. For a sport so modern, the huge gap between the sexes needs to be addressed. In traditional sports, male athletes have an advantage because of biological differences. But in e-sports, all you need to have excellent reaction motor skills, and both sexes are equal in that. Women are even more responsive, giving them a better shot in the industry. 

Gender segregation that has been a common trend in traditional sport is now becoming apparent in e-sports. Giving women teams and tournaments a chance to take part in e-sport and helping them gain experience will create more confidence and interest in other players. Female-only tournaments, for instance, like we have soccer world cup for women, is an excellent way of ensuring the women get competitive spots in the industry. But having a standard tournament structure for men and women will continue overshadowing women.

However, playing and training together to give both sexes an equal chance is a great idea. When they play and train together from the beginning, it will give them both an equal opportunity of growing their talents. It will ensure they all get a better shot in the tournaments and other competitions. Also, e-sports should establish equal rights where men and women have time to develop themselves. 

How to Empower Women in e-sports

Give them Leadership Roles

Currently, the sporting industry recognizes the benefits of having women leaders. However, stakeholders are not giving enough roles to females. In the past year, we have seen more women teams empowered and given priority. When women get empowered at an early stage in e-sport, it gives them a chance to be equal to or even better than men. 

Provide Safe Gaming Spots for Female Gamers

Giving girls and young women a safe environment will help them strengthen their skills. They will also build trust and collaboration, responsibility, and emotional strength. Many women experience a lot of issues, for example, emotional abuse and even domestic violence. Taking up sports is a refuge for many, and giving them a chance will help them get a new and better beginning.

Promote Women’s Presence in the E-sports Media Activities

The e-sport audience is becoming more diverse by the day, and the number of women in the audience is also growing. To ensure the number keeps growing, we should continuously boost the women’s presence in competitions, production, and casting of the e-sport content. We should also embrace women’s involvement in the technical team productions to ensure diversity in every department.

Create E-sports Marketing for Women

Brands should consider women’s presence and take this opportunity to ensure women are more involved. It should include programs targeting female interest, such as gaming properties and talent that favour women. Many brands should realize the untapped value in women and develop strategies in the e-sport and gaming market. This will create a massive boost for their brands. In traditional sports, women are not well represented by brands across the world. Brands should consider the untapped potential and involve more women in marketing.

Clocking Out

I clock out early today. The involvement of women in a sport so modern does not need a lot of emphasis, does it? In my considered opinion, the efforts need to come from both side- the women themselves and current stakeholders in the industry. Women gamers must not sit and wait for chances to be handed to them. They need to stand up (sit down, really) and grab both playing and management opportunities. On the other hand, the industry as a whole needs to embrace and encourage women to grow with the fastest-growing sport sector of 2021.

Do you have any female gamer friends? I hope you do. If not, I’ll pose that as a challenge to you. At the very least, make sure you refer an interested female gamer to this site!

See you Tuesday!

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