E-sports are the newest fixtures in the betting scene. They have come fast on the heels of sports betting, which itself took over from casino betting. This popularity has been occasioned by a surge in both participation and spectatorship of e-sports.

It is not that e-sports are a new concept- far from it. Organized video gaming has been around for a while. However, tournaments in the past were largely amateur. People were limited by technology. Today, sophisticated gadgets and the internet-the best technology gift to the modern era- have revolutionized video gaming.

Individual games are now attracting way over 100 million players monthly and many more betting fans. As a result, the sporting world has even accepted e-sports as actual sports disciplines.

That said, the e-sports betting scene is uniquely different from other sporting disciplines. For one, the field is relatively young, so there are no statistical patterns one can use to form a strategy. Actually, there are no documented e-sports betting strategies. Secondly, e-sports rarely feature in the mainstream media. This means a bettor who is not keen is likely to miss out on some key betting competitions. The good news is that you no longer fall in that category now that you are reading this.



Choose a few games and familiarize yourself with them

Although it is a relatively green field, E-sports contains numerous games and more are popping up by the day. You cannot become a pro bettor if you keep skipping from one game to the next. It is like having a sports bettor who bets on football, hockey, horse racing, darts, volleyball and all other games at the same time. Or a casino gambler who hops from cards to dices to slots without stopping.

Rather, you need to identify a few games and master their betting markets and formats. Understand the different categories of games (FPSMOBA, Fighting etc.) just like you would categorize sports into contact sports, board games, indoor games and the rest.

It is wise to pick games that you have an interest in. For example, if you usually play League of legends, having the game in your betting portfolio will make things easy for you.

However, taking part in a game is not mandatory. You can familiarize yourself with it using many other methods. The most basic way is to regularly watch the game’s competitions. Alternatively you could get into online discussion forums and follow the discussion.

Master game terminology

E-sports have terms that will leave you hanging if you are not conversant with them. This jargon will often be the key terms used by tipsters and sometimes within the betting markets. You may not be able to master all the terms at first, but they will eventually come along.

The good thing is that e-sports are quite trendy and use hip terminology. Betting sites also try to simplify things for gamblers in their explanations. Again, the scope of learning is smaller when you concentrate on a few games.

Grow with your bets

When you start out your e-sports betting journey, begin with baby steps. The basic rule is to start out with basic money line (Win/draw/lose) bets. These will not only lower your risks but will also give you time to understand the game better. Moreover, the simpler markets will help you to come up with your personal strategy and manage your bankroll.

However, as you proceed, you will need to venture into riskier bets. There is no way you will make big money of you remain cautious forever. Explore the different markets as you go and test each until you find your best fit.

Also i good way to make big bets cheaper is to find a big casino bonus like 200 percentage and up.

Know when to cut your losses

Do not let illusions blind you. Sometimes what you think is the best e-sport for you to bet on might not be actually suitable. It doesn’t matter if everyone else is betting on it or reviewers are singing its praises. If you are continuously (and we are talking about a pattern her, not an unlucky streak) losing in a certain game, it is time to call it quits and find another market.

Being good in playing a certain game does not mean it will favour you when it comes to betting. If you are better at playing than at betting, maybe pursuing a pro playing career is what you should consider.

Overall, however, conventional betting rules apply in e-sports too. Keep your purse in check, never chase losses and blindly and always remember to bet responsibly (and make return trips here too)!

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