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E-sport’s continued rise in popularity has led to the attraction of various sponsors fighting to be on the frontline to support the teams in every aspect. By helping the brands gain popularity and create more sales and partnerships, it becomes a win-win. The expansion of the industry means there is a lot of news happening in the e-sport industry. To ensure you never miss out on what’s hot, we’ll have an occasional round-up of the hottest news stories in e-sports.

Polygon Sets a Cash Price Money for E-Sport Tournaments in the Community

Recently, the Polygon brand that deals with Ethereum scaling solutions became even more popular when they announced they would give €8400 as prize money for e-sport tournaments in the Community Gaming. The polygon partnership will begin with a sponsored summer tournament series. The first tournament in the series will be between SkyWeaver and Horizon Blockchain Games. They will compete for MATIC tokens worth €2100. 

Polygons’ co-founder Sandeep Nailwal says that the partnership with Community Gaming will help bridge the gap between the decentralized technologies and various competitive gaming communities. This will be achieved through swift, affordable and secure payments, and on-china transactions.

Opening of 30 Hotels by Wanyoo Dedicated To E-Sport Players

Wanyoo, the largest chain of internet cafes in China, is set to open more at least 30 hotels dedicated to e-sport. The hotels will have a specific gaming design. They will be fully equipped with computers with high-end graphic cards. They aim to provide an extraordinary experience to professional gamers and fans. 

David Zhang, the general manager-consumer business at Nvidia, says that despite the shortage of graphic cards in the market, they will provide an advanced supply for each café. They will also supply the latest products, including RTX 3070 and 3080, to help reach more people. 

Currently, Wanyoo has already set up three e-sport hotels in Shanghai. They installed the cafes with the latest graphic cards and several other vital hardware as part of their general room service. According to Wanyoos’ CEO Dong Yinming, there are plans to launch a flagship hotel in Shanghai before completing the 30 hotels before the end of 2021.

Wanyoo brand has at least 1,000 cafes across the globe with a membership of over 16 million users. The company’s primary clientele is male players of age 18 to 35. The e-sport hotels aim for the same client base and hope to attract more females to e-sports. 

Gerald Solomon Named World E-Sports Education Commission Chair as IESF Partners with NASEF

Recently the director of NASEF (the North America Scholastic E-sports Federation) was appointed as the chair of ISEF (International E-sports Federation) in the world E-sport Education commission. It will see the IESG exclusively use NASEF’s programs and curriculum to help various educators worldwide use e-sport as a tool of education. They plan to use the middle and high school curriculum approved by the department of education in the United States. It will help them develop a sustainable e-sport education system used by trainers and learners across the world. 

NASEF resources will include program guidelines and training offered to ISEF members to help them implement the education systems. According to ISEF’s president Vlad Marinescu, the program will provide educational resources to the 104 member nations. 

NASEF’s executive director added they were excited to work with the ISEF member nations to implement the E-sport education programs. The move will affect the students and ensure they can get the much-required skills to help them in the high-demand professions.

First-Ever E-Sports Debit Card Launched By Bank Mandiri

Southeast Asian e-sport organization EVOS E-sport has a partnership with a Bank Mandiri from Indonesia. The partnership leads to a collaboration with VISA. The latest news indicates that they recently launched an EVOS debit card which will be a limited edition. The card is currently available across all branches of the Bank Mandiri in Indonesia.

EVOS cardholders will have access to in-game currencies and several other features supported by the Mandiri Gold Debit. Additionally, when one completes the EVOS registration process, they will receive an EMP with membership points from EVOS. The points will have €5 as a membership reward. 

EVOS Chief Marketing Officer of Mr. Michael Wijaya says that the debit card launch is a forward move for the company and the industry. Their partnership also pioneers an e-sport team that will work with the bank to provide a positive impact. The partnership earns the company nationwide recognition as one of the most trustable organizations in the entire nation of Indonesia. 

Previously the e-sport organization had a partnership with Visa during the Unlock our Dreams Campaign. Moving forward, they will have future collaboration deals with PUMA, Nexplay, and Hepmil Creators Network.

Speaking on behalf of Bank Mandiri, senior Vice president Evi Dempowati said that the landscape is developing rapidly. This, he says, provides more access for community gaming in Indonesia that will cater to the gaming payments needs. He also says that launching the membership cards is a strategic move to help develop a sustainable e-sport ecosystem that will help grow e-sport gaming across Indonesia.

Women in E-Sport Now In the Spotlight

The Futures First Gaming’s (FFG) event held towards the end of June was open to members of all genders. However, the Wilmington e-sports Company hoped that more female gamers would come out in large numbers to take part. This would kill the regular news that e-sport is a male-only territory. 

news of women in e-sport is a fresh breath
Future First Gaming is playing a huge role in ensuring women gaming keeps growing. | Image: Afif Kusuma/Unsplash

FFG is working hard to create opportunities for all youths. It seeks to expand opportunities to every person who has been sidelined from e-sport. According to Emily Zbyszynski, an expansion strategist for start-ups, the campaign mainly targets young girls and women who have been bashed online and even told by their parents and guardians that e-sports are only for the male gender. 

Their primary aim is to show girls and young women that they can build successful careers in e-sport. They also urge parents and guardians to support their daughters if they show interest in e-sport.

Starting with the panellists, only women will run the event. Even the game designs will favour the female gender.

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There you go! The latest news point to an ever-growing and diversifying e-sport world. There is something for women, increased infrastructure and new sponsorships among others. We will keep scouring the sources and curating the best news content for you. That way, you won’t need to run around or get to miss out on the latest happenings. Just keep checking back here, and tag a mate or two!

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