7 Biggest E-Sports Competitions of 2021


It is always fresh to say this; e-sports are one of the greatest things happening in 2021. As mainstream sports slow down due to COVID-19 safety measures, e-sports continue to thrive. The discipline’s virtual nature has helped it stand out when everything else is taking a break. As the second quarter of 2021 kicks in, here are the biggest competitions that gamers and enthusiasts should look forward to.

The International-DOTA 2

The DOTA 2′ e-sport is an international event that takes place annually. The e-sporting event takes place in August and has nine tournaments in total. Valve hosts, produces and acts as the administrator of the games played in the championships. When the tournament began in 2011, they had 16 teams taking part in the games until 2016. In 2017 they made provisions to add two more teams to the championship, and 18 teams take part in the tournament to date.

This year the International-DOTA 2′ takes place in Ericsson Globe, Stockholm. It has an estimated price pool of over €28 million ($34 million). The last tournament took place in 2019, and OG, who had also taken the first place position in 2018, is still the reigning champion.

The inside of the arena that hosted The International in 2019. E-sports 2021 competitions are expected to take place.
The inside of the arena that hosted The International in 2019. E-sports 2021 competitions are expected to take place. | Image: Stackie Jia/Unsplash

Valve are insistent on holding a live event. For this reason, they have not rushed to make announcements about 2021. After cancelling the 2020 event, they announced that they were working with the assumption that August 2021 will be a suitable time to hold arguably the biggest e-sports competition in the world. It will be exciting to see whether OG can carry the title for the third year running!

The League of Legends World Championship

The League of Legends is an annual championship ongoing since 2011. A tournament founded by Riot games host e-sports. When the e-sport competition started, they hosted eight teams. The number of teams in attendance now varies from one year to the next. The formats in the tournaments are Round-robin groups and Single elimination stages. Riot games host e-sports at different locations every year to give people a novel experience.

In 2020, the event took place in Shanghai, China, where DAMWON Gaming emerged as winners. Suning, G2 Esports, and Top Esports hold the second, third, and fourth positions. The team with the most titles and number of wins in the League of Legends is from South Korea. 

The FIFA e-Club Nations Cup 2021

The E-sport is a tournament established in 2019 by FIFA and EA Sports, and it uses the 2v2 format. They have only hosted a single match held in 2019. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2020 tournament was postponed. It will take place in Copenhagen, Denmark. Each championship has a member nation that competes in e-sports. 

The last tournament in London had Lucas Cuillerier / Corentin Thuillier emerging as the winner and holds the first position and Nicolas99fc / Yagocai as the runners up.

Halo World Championship

The Halo world championship is one of the most significant events in Halo competitions. This competition was established in 2004. The tournaments vary in names and organizations, for instance, the MLG world championships, Championship Series, and Global Championship. 

The last Halo world championship event took place in 2017 and 2018, respectively, for seasons one and two in the 4v4 formats. The winner of season one was Splyce, while Tox Gaming won the season two championship and are still the reigning champions. We look forward to more details being released about the Halo infinite e-sports 2021 world championship. 

Singapore Major e-sports 2021

Singapore Major e-sport event will be the first of the 2021 Major of the Dota Pro circuit championship season. It will be in the ONE e-sport series with PGL, ONE E-sport. In a lovely show of support, the Singapore Tourism Board is the organizer and sponsor of the event. The Singapore Major 2021 will take place at Fairmount, Singapore, with 18 teams present and a prize pool of €410,000 ($500,000). 

Back in action. Major e-sports 2021 competitions to look for.
The 2021 world of e-sports is exciting as it ever was. Fans should be eager to follow both virtual and, hopefully, in-person events | Image: Stackie Jia/Unsplash

E-Champions League 2021

The 2021 E-Champions League organisation falls under EA Sports. It will use the PlayStation 4 platform. The game will be FIFA 21 with a double-elimination format. The championship will have eight players, and Liquipedia Tier will be Tier 1, and the competition will use the 1v1 mode. The prize pool for the tournament is €185,000 ($224,000) for the first, second, third, and fourth positions. 

Master Tour 2021

The Master tour will be a series of tournaments that will take place in different locations worldwide, including Ironforge, Orgrimmer, Dalaran, Silvermoon, Stormwind, and Undersity. All matches will take place online via a 4-deck platform with a best-of-five game format. The cash pool prizes for all locations will be €206,00 ($250,000) each.

…and now, a little bonus

The Smite World Championship e-sports 2021

This ship has already sailed. Still, it is worth a mention because of its beauty and for the sake of future events. The Smite World Championship is an annual multiplayer championship. Hi-Rez studio has always hosted the tournament since 2015 in January between 9th and 11th. Different teams from Europe, North America, South America, and China will take part in the championship. 

The game hosts ten teams yearly in double elimination placements stages and single-elimination knockout stages. Smite World Championship previously took place in January and shifted to November for the 2019 and 2020 editions. In yet another shift, this e-sports 2021 edition was held between January 5 and January 11.

The prize pool for 2021 hit over € 825,000 ($1m) increasing from the cash pool in 2020. Pittsburgh Knights are the reigning champions of 2021. Ghost Gaming finished as runners up. Renegades and Radiance came third and fourth, respectively. NeilMah from Pittsburgh Knights is the Most Valuable Player of the 2021 championship.

Clocking out…

Save for The International, most e-sport tournaments don’t appear very much affected by containment measures. Either they are happening in locations that have been marked safe or they are going all virtual. Either way, the growth of e-sport continues. Sponsors are falling over themselves trying to put money in the tourneys. Players are gaining experience and new players are emerging every day. Here at Esportingo.com, we continue to advise you: Find yourself a spot at the e-sport table. This is the future. You can read more about how to make money from e-sport HERE. Do not forget to check back for more e-sport insights. And tag your mates along too!

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