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As sporting as we have always known it is turned upside down, e-sports stand to benefit. With the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic, a lot of sports that required people to come together were suspended. Even as they resume, it appears they cannot operate the same way they did before. This leaves e-sport as a viable alternative because of its virtual interaction model. This articles will break down e-sports; make them easy to understand for the aspiring pro. It will also seek to clarify any grey areas that trouble experienced gamers.

What are E-Sports?

E-sports might be a new term to you, but you have definitely heard of video gaming. The simplest definition of e-sports is ‘a modern form of video gaming.’ Video games as they were traditionally known have evolved greatly to become e-sports. There has been brought about by increased organisation in how they are run. Developers have put in great efforts to ensure the games are of lovable quality.

The better organisation has transformed the games from simple pastime activities to competitive ventures. This competitive nature is what has seen them transit from simple games to actual sports. Many countries and sports governing bodies are now recognising e-sports as actual sports. E-sports competitions now have audiences as huge as those in popular sports like football and cricket. Professional e-sports players are earning huge paychecks and brands are falling over themselves looking to sponsor e-sport competitions. The organisation of e-sports teams is admirable.

Popular e-sports

E-sports take different formats. The most popular are First-person Shooter, Real-Time Strategy (RTS), Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA), Battle Royale, Card and Fighting. These terms may appear complex to a beginner, but do not let them faze you. You understand them better when you get to play.

Fans in a footbll field. Professional e-sports are now as popular as the mainstream disciplines
Like other pro sports, e-sport have gained widespread popularity among both players and fans. E-sports attract as many enthusiasts as football and rugby | Image: Thomas Serer/Unsplash

The most popular games include Fortnite, League of Legends, Dota, Overwatch, Streetfighter and StarCraft. This selection is, however, subjective, since different games are popular in different regions. There are also numerous other games besides those mentioned above. These games are played professionally in tournaments like Dota 2 International and EVO championships among others. Some of them are likely to be included as Olympic disciplines in the near future.

Asia (mostly China and South Korea) and North America are the two regions where E-sports are most popular.

With that background, it is now to look into the real interest of a beginner looking to become a professional e-sport player. How do you go about it? Where is the money? How much can you make? Read on for answers to all that.

Participating in e-sports

You don’t just wake up and become a professional e-sports player. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication. Like with any other sport, only a few of those who set out will become pros. Just imagine how competitive challenges between you and your mates can get. Now imagine that a pro-individual can thrash you all without as much as a blink.

That is not to say you have no chance of becoming a pro, however. The mantra to follow is that you have to show up to get in. You have to keep looking for opportunities to go pro. Get a mindset and start viewing gaming as a career. Put in hours and hours of training. Start small. You are definitely not going to start with the Intel Extreme Masters. Look out for small competitions in your area and sign up. You can join as an individual or team up with your mates.

What you Need to go Pro

Once you set your eyes on going pro, you must invest towards achieving your dream. You need to have the latest game versions and consoles. These are the things that pros use; you have to match them to become one of them.

You will also need to invest in a strong internet connection. This will come in handy when you need to get into virtual competitions. Your gaming station is also something you need to upgrade if you already haven’t. As a pro (chasing) gamer, you will be spending a lot of time in this position. Make it both comfortable and ergonomic; your health needs that.

Again, as an aspiring pro, you need to specialise. You cannot become a pro in every game. You won’t even have the time to polish up your skills if you pick so many games. Instead, pick one or two disciplines and seek finesse in those. You could go for a MOBA and an FPS or you could pick two from the same model. Most pros, however, only specialise in one game.

On top of that, you need to get yourself out and get the industry in. Make yourself known and know what is happening in the industry. Create your accounts on social media and gaming forums and stay active. If people know you, they are more likely to invite you to competitions. The fact that you are reading this article right now means that you have already found one of the best e-sports resources. Keep coming back for the best and latest in the industry.

Joining Amateur and Pro Competitions

There are e-sport competitions at every level. Different competitions have different ways of joining. Some are invitational while others require qualification. You will need to check out the process of joining the specific game you intend to play. Also, keep track of competition calendars so that applications and qualifications do not pass you by.

Where is the Money When You Go Pro?

It may sound like an exaggeration, but money is streaming into e-sports from all directions. With the hit that traditional sports have taken, everyone is rushing in this direction. It’s just a simple demand and supply incident. Once sports got suspended, players and fans flocked e-sports. It is only logical, thus, that sponsors would follow them.

Cash money. Pro gamers are making loads of money from competitions
Awards and the entire e-sports industry keep growing. Pro players are now making six-figure incomes | Image: Macau Photo Agency/Unsplash

The industry is already worth more than $1 billion. Tournaments are offering millions of dollars as prize money. Individuals are also being endorsed by brands and making money from it. The whole model works just like it does at pro levels in other conventional sports.

As far back as 2017, the League of Legends (LoL) tournament generated $5.5 million from the sale of tickets alone. Dota 2 is a dominant force in terms of what players can win. It is followed by Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) and League of Legends. The e-sports earning website has all of this data, where individual players have made as much as $6.9 million.

The Round-Up

The future of e-sport is clearly bright. It is one of the very few industries that benefited in some sense from the outbreak of the Coronavirus. It is a fertile ground for any player looking to become a pro. There’s a lot of money in it. Moreover, every player anywhere in the world has a chance of success owing to the virtual nature of e-sports.

That said, it is not an easy step to make. It will require a lot of dedication and hard work to reach the pro-level. As earlier mentioned, only a small percentile of those who set out will reach the pro level. The information above will greatly help any aspiring pro gamer. Set out for your dream; nothing is possible. Also, remember to always enjoy playing. Even if you do not get to the peak, that will make everything worth it.

Don’t forget to keep reading this site for important info and tips about the e-sports world. Happy gaming!

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