Eight Ways Everyone Can Make Money from E-sport

Tom Johnson


When you read this blog, you will often hear that e-sport is the future, not just competition-wise but also money-wise. The discipline is attracting more money by the day. What’s even better? The money is there for everyone- including you! Now, that is not a term you will hear often during these times. The internet has been taking over gradually. This takeover has been completed by the pandemic. Today, we share eight ways that you can get involved in and make money from e-sports.

e-Sport Gaming

Of course, this one comes at the top of the list. As a gamer, going pro is the way to make the most money. You can take part in small tournaments and progress to bigger ones with time. To take this journey, you can venture as an individual or as a group. The mates you like bashing on Fortnite? Those are the mates you form a team with. The fact that you play together means you understand each other. This understanding can be transformed into a team that could conquer the world someday.

e-sport money being made from professional gaming
The most e-sport money can be made from playing professionally. Going pro, however, requires a lot of patience and persistence | Image: Stem List/ Unsplash

That said, getting into pro e-sport gaming is not easy. As mentioned last week, many top competitions are difficult to get into. For some, you will have to go through a qualification process. It would be a lie to tell you that you can just wake up and go to the EVO Championships, League of Legends, Fortnite or The International Even if that were possible, these are very competitive tournaments. Not everyone can make it there. If you want to play professional e-sports, you have to be very patient and consistent.

Selling Merchandise

Unlike professional gaming, this is one of the easiest ventures to enter. And it could also fetch you a fortune if done right. Additionally, you don’t have to quit gaming to sell e-sports merchandise. From computers to headsets and mouses, e-sport merchandise literally sells like hot cakes.

It helps if you have knowledge in e-sport. This makes it easier for you to understand what people need. However, you can also learn on the job. You just need to be an ardent reader and a follower of e-sports forums. Like news, it pays to have the hottest stuff first. Once you have the e-sport gaming and software moving, you could add fancy stuff like themed clothing, bags and masks.

e-Sport Blogging

We are in the information age, remember? As the popularity of e-sports grows, people are searching for more information on the topic. If you can be a reliable source of valuable information, then this is a great avenue for you. Look at it like this; this is what we do and we are not even afraid of sharing the secret with you. Why? Because there is something in it for everyone.

There is a wide range of e-sport topics you can blog on. Tell people how they can make money from e-sports. Review different e-sports. Teach them about winning tips when playing or betting on e-sports. Give them some news.

Even better, you don’t have to love writing to blog about e-sports. You can use micro-blogging sites like Twitter. Once you have created a following, you will have many industry players approaching you for business.

Bonus Tip: Always remember to offer value.

Make Money from e-Sport Advertising

Advertising as we traditionally knew it is changing. Where people used traditional media to reach out, they are now approaching influential individuals. If you can build a strong individual brand, then business is waiting for you. You could build this on social media or on a website. With a website, you don’t even need to look for advertisements. You could sign up for an ad program like Google and have ads appear automatically. However, we recommend selling ad space on your own. This way, you can control the type of ads, how they appear and how much you charge.

On the same vein, you could put your design skills to work by creating ads. These can be ads for e-sport tournament owners, merchandise sellers or anyone in the e-sport money industry.

Organising e-Sport Tournaments

If you feel ready to go for the long shot, you can organise e-sports tournaments for money. Sounds like a game for the big boys only, right? Not exactly. Crowdfunding has been used as a method to raise money for e-sports tournaments. The International, Dota 2’s best paying tournament, is partly crowdfunded. Who says you could not do it too. You don’t have to begin with a large tournament. Even a small e-sport competition can make you good money if you do it right.


This is another area that requires a little more investment than other ventures mentioned here. Still, it is very doable. Many companies or people in the e-sport money business are looking to outsource some of the work. The main thing you need is a stable interned connection to broadcast e-sport competitions. If you have this and a good hall, you can also collaborate with others to create a broadcasting station. You will need to go through what your local laws say about broadcasting before starting out though.


E-sport money is available for musicians too. Those games and tournaments need soundtracks. The brands themselves need marketing. Just this week, LOUD, a huge e-sports organisation in Brazil, officially signed rapper GUXTA to work with them. The rapper has been working with LOUD for a while now. That they have found it worthy to sign him definitely means that they have seen value in him.

If you already have or are planning to get into music, you can set such a goal. Make it a way for you to get a share of the e-sport money. Start approaching different players with offers and proposals, and, who knows? You could soon be promoting some of the giant e-sport brands!


There's money to be made from e-sport ticketing owing to the growing number of fans.
The number of e-sports fans keeps growing. You can make money from e-sports ticketing by partnering with tournament organisers| Image: Stem List/ Unsplash

E-sports tournaments require attendees to pay attendance fees. Both physical and virtual attendees pay to watch. With the growing numbers of fans, these organisers will need more people to assist with ticketing. With an e-ticketing website, you can seek deals with such organisers. You could also ask them to engage you in selling physical tickets. This can be a source of additional income especially if you run a physical store.

The Sign Out

The eight methods listed above are easy ways for anyone to make money from e-sport. however, you should not just limit yourself to these. With a little creativity, you can modify whatever skill you have to benefit from the discipline. Want to feed people at an e-sport event? That’s creative. And many more creative ideas you can pick up.

Whatever avenue you choose, you will need to have a business mindset to make it work. One key tip is making use of online platforms to make yourself known. As the saying goes, even if you have the best product, it is useless if no one knows about it. Keep it here for more tips on how to stay competent and benefit from the e-sports world. Don’t forget to refer some friends to this blog too!

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