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E-sports legends who get inducted into the hall of fame are community members who have made an immense difference in their careers and the entire world of e-sports. They continue playing fundamental roles and promoting the sport with a high level of commitment. Unfortunately, very few people continue supporting the sports after they retire from professional gaming. After retirement, many go into other fields and personal businesses. 

So, we highly recognized the few who continue with the noble work of nurturing talent, acting as role models to appreciate the upcoming skills. Over the years, we have seen many inductees who have supported the e-sport, which significantly has influenced the players, fans, and the entire e-sport industry. Below are the most famous e-sport legends who got inducted into the hall of fame in 2016.

John Peter Bain

John Peter Bain, also known as The Cynical Brit or TotalBiscuit, was born in July 1984. Everyone knew him for being the best video gaming commentator and a harsh game critic on YouTube. Through his career, he inspired many players and shaped the e-sport scenes in every aspect. He was not a hands-on video game player, but he was a manager, commentator, producer, sponsor, and a massive supporter of e-sport. He also founded a professional team known as Axiom.

The passionate supporter of the sport received the Trending Gamer Award in 2014. He helped many teams, including those he formed, to succeed in various competitive tournaments and championships throughout his career. TotalBiscuit, the 2019 hall of fame inductee, passed on in May 2013 at 33 years.

Lim Yo-Hwan

Lim Yo-Hwan is a retired Korean professional player who was inducted in 2019. Popularly known as BoxeR, he is one of the most successful e-sport gamers who had the most innovative strategies during his plays. BoxeR is famous mainly for dominating in the formation period in the professional StarCraft competition. He ticks every box used to define e-sports legends.

e-sports legends receive the ultimate coronation once they are inducted into the hall of fame
e-sports legends receive the ultimate coronation once they are inducted into the hall of fame |Image: Mitya Ivanov/Unsplash

In his professional e-sport career, BoxeR won two WCG and star league championships. He also won the KPGA tour when he was part of the SK Telecom T1. Later in his career, he founded the SlayerS team that won two Global StarCraft II Team League awards. 

BoxeR is among the highly paid professional players with high-paying endorsements to top up his earnings. 

After retiring in 2010, he established StarCraft’s two-team SlayerS. Shortly after, he disbanded the team and became the SK Telecom T1 coach. He later retired because of some health-related issues.

Jang Jae Ho

Jang Jae Ho alias Moon was born in 1986. He is the face of e-sport revolution after completing the master of the Night Elf race in Warcraft III and creating a unique strategy for the game. The 2019 inductee first played professionally in 2003. 

Throughout his career, Moon has won several tournaments at national and international levels. He is also the highest-earning Warcraft gamer in history. In 2010, Moon began playing StarCraft II that saw him rise to become a hybrid gamer. He won in many tournaments in two years that he played StarCraft II. When e-sports legends are remembered, Jang Jae Ho will always be a prominent name.

Kyle Miller

Kyle Miller, popularly known as K-sharp, was born in 1984 and inducted into fame in 2018. He was the first worldwide e-sport star from the America Counter strike scene. He lived in Virginia before he began his e-sport professional career. 

After high school, he made a considerable sacrifice by attending Northern Virginia Community College instead of the University of Tennessee. He did this so he could stay home and professionally play the Counter-Strike game. However, he started earning well as a gamer, which made him defer his college education. 

Between 2000 and 2008, Ksharp played at the highest level in e-sports. He led his team to win three world championships in the Counter-Strike Source and Counter-Strike Offensive.

Many know Ksharp as a polite person driven by discipline, dedication, and the desire to move ahead and keep winning constantly. He currently works in ESEA after his retirement in 2018. The platform allows him to continue supporting the e-sport industry. 

Lee Sang-Hyeok

Lee Sang-Hyeok, also known as Faker, is a 2018 Inductee who was born in 1996. The modern-day star player has gained this legendary spot for his virtue and accomplishments and his overzealous level of performance. 

He started as a rookie in the League of Legends in 2013 and became the national champion after two gaming seasons. He later won the national championships five more times. In the same year, Faker won his first of three World Championship titles. He was the first in his team to win more than two world championships.

Faker continues to show excellent supremacy as an individual and a team member of the SK Telecom dynasty. 

Dennis Fong

Dennis Fong, popularly known as Thresh, is a retired American e-sport legend born in March 1977 in Hong Kong. The 2016 inductee was the first-person professional shooter in Quake and Doom games. 

In his career, he featured on many mainstream media and won many endorsements that paid well. His prowess in the game popularised the WASD keyboard control for the first-person shooter genre that is used today. His play had a unique style where he would deliberately limit opponents from getting weapons. The technique helped him bag many victories during his career. 

e-sports legends are created by the day.
E-sport is getting even more mainstream by the day. Joining the Hall of fame is every player’s dream.

Thresh later retired from competing professionally in e-sports. He is the co-founder of Xfire and the founder of GX media that created the web portal gamers.com. Currently, he is the CEO of the software development company.

Naz Aletaha

She is a 36-year-old legend who got inducted into the e-sport hall of fame in 2020. Naz Aletaha heads Global Esports Partnerships & Business Development. Through her company, Naz ensures that e-sport gains global acceptance and hopes the entire world will fully embrace the sport. Her company recently released League of Legends: Wild Rift. 

Her goal is to build and improve the current business state of the e-sport world. In addition, she oversees all the company’s efforts for partnership, sponsorships, and endorsements. She does all this to ensure that e-sport grows and achieves worldwide success and the sustainability it requires. More than qualified to complete today’s e-sports legends in the hall of fame.

Clocking Out…

Isn’t it fun to know that the field of e-sports is one you can be involved in forever? Even when your playing time is over, you can join other e-sports legends and keep growing the sports in a different capacity. So much talk them; I’ll leave you to embark on that journey with inspiration from the above legends. Hopefully, I can edit this article some day to include your name in the list!

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