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Electronic sport, popularly known as an e-sport is currently the fastest-growing form of sports today. Globally, the market value of this sport is estimated to be over one billion dollars annually. More than ever before, gamers can currently become professionals and earn money from competitions and sponsorships. Learning institutions have noted this growth and are introducing e-sport scholarship programs for the most talented students. They offer scholarships to bright students who perform outstandingly well in matches and tournaments. In today’s article, we look at various schools that offer e-sport scholarships.

Hawaii Pacific University

This is a private university in Honolulu, Hawaii. It gives student gamers scholarship worth 1000 to 6000 dollars per year. For eligibility, the applicant should submit a filled application and attach an e-sport scholarship form for consideration. The institution prioritizes college students who play in the League of legends and would like to join the school’s official team.

Hawaii Pacific University has a 3000 sq-ft e-sport arena. They mainly specialize in the League of Legends. In what many gamers would consider a bonus, they give their athletes a chance to experience the League unlocked. The League unlocked comes with incentives for players and over 95 skins. 

e-sport scholarship will help many students through school
Learning institutions are continually adopting e-sport scholarships. This will help many gamers to join institutions they could only have dreamed of. Image: Michael Longmire/Unsplash

Harrisburg University

This another private University, located in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. They offer students over 22 e-sport scholarships that cover full tuition and housing. The institution is the first globally to offer a full scholarship on the e-sport program. For consideration, they require the students to complete the standard application for the University and, in addition to that, attach an e-sport application. The institution assesses the application automatically. Once the academic scholarship gets approved and they accept the student into the varsity’s e-sport team, the scholarships get automatically updated. 

The Harrisburg University e-sport team thrives on unity. They often organize and host the HUE Invitational, which is one of the most significant events in e-sport. The event has over 60 teams competing for a cash prize of 50,000 dollars.

Kansas Wesleyan University

Another private university on this list, this institution is located in Salina, Kansas. It is also a member of an e-sport governing body known as the National Association of Collegiate E-sport. The university offers students scholarships starting from 5000 to 20,000 dollars. To qualify for a scholarship at Kansas Wesleyan University, the applicant must be a high school senior. Also, they should be highly experienced playing League of Legends. The ideal student candidates should possess leadership skills, strong work ethics and communication skills. The institution provides an excellent environment that helps students to build relationships and friendships with people from diverse backgrounds. 

The institution’s e-sport team catalogue has games like Overwatch, Rocket League, Hearthstone and League of Legends. However, they mainly compete only in the League of legends during gaming events. They have an ultra-modern gaming room complete with PCs and other gaming amenities. Students are allowed in the room to sharpen their gaming skills in a suitable environment. 

New England College 

At this point, you would be forgiven for thinking that this is a private affair. This is a private college in Henniker, New Hampshire. The university offers academic scholarships to students who meet the literacy merits for e-sport scholarships. Their scholarships are often over 22,000 dollars annually, depending on the student’s GPA and other academic qualifications. The e-sport program in the University is open to every student. They believe it helps students to gain new skills like leadership skills, communication skills and perseverance. Most remarkably, the institution’s programs make every student feel welcome. Students have time to socialize and mingle with people from different walks of life and beliefs, just like other traditional sports. 

The New England College offers students a wide selection of e-sport games. These include Overwatch, League of Legends and Super Smash Bros CS: GO. The college believes that having such exposure can help students to further their careers in the future. For instance, they could pursue coding and game development, management of e-sport teams and game designing. The institution encourages its students to pursue their interests. This, they believe, helps learners to develop skills that can be turned into professional careers in the future. 

The University of Utah

Utah University is a public university in Salt Lake City in Utah. A nice breath from the ‘Private list,’ huh? The varsity awards students scholarships worth 1000 dollars annually. They are overly selective when choosing students to join their teams. Accepted students get an all-around development. They have a chance to get the honour of being the varsity’s ambassador. The team has very competitive and passionate players who work hard and consistently improve their gaming skills. 

The school team has access to various games, including League of Legends, Hearthstone, Rocket League, and Overwatch. The U’s Entertainment Arts proudly sponsors the varsities e-sport program and Engineering. They recount a development program for video games across the country as the number one video game designer.

Stephens College

This is an all-women private college in Columbia, Missouri. They are the first-ever university women’s team globally They are also members of the National Association of Collegiate e-sports. The institution awards qualified students sponsorships worth 2000 dollars. For a student to qualify for consideration, they must submit a Personal statement, a well-written essay, Official transcripts and FAFSA forms. They should also send in their SAT or ACT scores and state their preferred positions in e-sport gaming. To be eligible for the e-sport scholarship and get recruited into the school team, one must qualify and get accepted into the school first. 

University of Maryville 

The varsity is a private university in St. Louis in Missouri. The scholarship program is known as the Maryville University E-sport Participation Award. It offers students 2000 dollars annually. Freshman status and a high school diploma holder with a minimum GPA of 2.5 are the eligibility requirements. For consideration, the candidates should go for try-outs. Gaming knowledge in League of Legends, Overwatch, Heroes of the Storm CS: GO and Hearthstone is also a requirement. 

scholarships for gamers are another win for e-sports
How awesome would it be to include the role of gaming in your graduation speech? Grab these opportunities now and actualize dreams! Image: Jakob Rosen/ Unsplash

The University is a three-time National Championship winner in the League of Legends. They have a team of proficient coaches and e-sport support staff who work tirelessly to ensure every team member is at their best and that the group grows consistently.

Clocking out…

E-sport is the youngest sport global sport, but the strides it is making in every area is adorable. From competition awards to infrastructure development and support industries’ growth, there are wins at every turn. To add fire to this party, learning institutions are now taking note. They began by offering e-sports in school and now they are going further. The availability of e-sport scholarships is welcome news for all gamers.

Such scholarships offer gamers a chance to learn and enjoy their favourite sports. Some will now have the opportunity to join institutions that were hitherto beyond their financial reach. While the scholarship figures are not what we dream of, at least they form a foundation. Given how the industry is going, we can only expect this trend to improve.

Have you been looking for an opportunity to push your education through e-sport? Do you think you are good enough for these institutions? Well, don’t waste time; get to applying. Share this information with other eligible gamers too! Also, don’t forget to keep checking back here for updates on similar opportunities that may pop up in future. It would be great to see you graduate and hear your gaming story attached to gaming. The stuff of dreams, that!

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