E-sport Partnership: Andaseat Meets Navi

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E-sport partnership has been growing rapidly for the past few years. Partnerships are beneficial for all parties involved. In e-sport, for instance, partnerships give the teams a chance to get free gear and equipment that may have been quite expensive for the team to acquire on their own. For the company, they get free advertisement and reach a wider audience. Currently, teams are enjoying many partnerships, which has helped many players grow and perform even better.

AndaSeat Meets Navi

The AndaSeat Company is the latest entrant into the fray. The gaming chair company is thrilled to announce the e-sport partnership with Natus Vincere. Zhou Lin, the CEO and the Founder of AndaSeat, says they chose Natus Vincere because they are currently the best team in the e-sport world.

Natus Vincere is an e-sport gaming organization from Ukraine. The multi-gaming organization has won various tournaments, the most notable ones being in the Counter-Strike discipline. It is also the fastest-growing e-sport team in the world. To pay homage and reward the team’s efforts, AndaSeat forged a rewarding partnership with the organization.

AndaSeat is a manufacturing firm. They initially started as a car seat manufacturer in 2007 and produced seats for sports competitions. However, since 2013 the company shifted its focus, and they have been manufacturing gaming chairs since. In 2006, the company became an e-sport brand, and they also launched their first e-sport chair. They are now the world leaders in chair production for e-sport. They are also the top choice for many e-sport teams.

When they partnered with Natus Vincere, they launched a NAVI edition. They later upgraded it with a high-end ergonomic design with a molded foam and some state-of-the-art NAVI elements. Unfortunately, the patents for the product are still pending. 

Better Chairs, Better e-sports Performance

During an interview, the chief marketing officer Natus Vincere, Mr. Alexander Pavlenko, says they are very happy about the e-sport partnership with AndaSeat. He also adds that they will join forces to evaluate the custom chairs and the Navi fans for more insights and ideas. They will also work hard to ensure the second-largest manufacturer in the e-sport world will emerge top at the NAVI championships. 

Some of the magnificent chair’s features include a combination of black and yellow colors, making the set even more attractive. The black colour symbolizes silent darkness while the bright yellow colour symbolizes the stars. Entering the fantasy world gives one a feeling of being under the galaxy with thousands of stars.

Style Meets Comfort and Durability

In addition to the magnificent styles and colours, the seat is also very comfortable. The seat has ergonomic designs and contours that give it a unique shape and body. The company has a pending patent on the Re-DenseAD+ Moulded Foam. The foam gives the chair an upgraded density which strengthens it, enhancing its longevity. In addition, the NAVI edition provides more robust support for the player’s back and spine during long and engaging gaming sessions. It has two adjustable pillows, one lumber pillow to support the lower back and the abdominal muscles. The second one is a head pillow that supports the player’s head and prevents them from slouching, especially when playing for long hours.

The AndaSeat’s chairs are solid and durable; deliberately made to last. The manufacturer promises longevity and durability, which is a requirement for gaming chairs. AndaSeat has assured the e-sport world that the chairs are the strongest by having a lifetime warranty for the TitanSteelAD+ Framework. It also has a rugged frame made of powder-coated 22mm diameter steel for the stability and sturdiness of a lifetime.

Clocking Out…

That we are now out of the basics and can now get to the aesthetics of e-gaming is a great positive stride. It shows that e-sport has now established itself as an industry. As a result, support industries are now popping up. The latest partnership action between AndaSeat and Navi will ensure that gamers can remain comfortable and healthy as they compete.

The newest chair from Andaseat is already available on their website. If you are really invested in gaming, you might want to be an early adopter and grab one. To more positive developments in e-sports.

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