Best E-Mobile Games In 2021

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To stay in touch with world developments, e-sports find it necessary to have e-mobile games. People did not take mobile games seriously at first. But today, gaming is one of the trendiest activities everyone is undertaking. In the past, many people did not think that e-gaming would develop into the big thing it is currently. But technology has proven them wrong. Today we have so many e-mobile games. Some are mobile versions of the popular games we know. On the other hand, some are e-mobile games created purposely for hand-held devices. Here are the best e-mobile games that you should download and enjoy.

Mobile Legends

This e-mobile title was released to the public in July 2016. The game’s developer and publisher is Moonton. It is currently available for download on both Android and iOS app stores. The Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) title has several genres. These include the Multiplayer Online Battle Arena, Action role-playing game, Mobile game, Real-time strategy. In its early days, the game became very popular in Asia before its popularity spread across the globe. It was one of the few games selected to be among the first medal e-sport titles during the 2019 Southeast Asia Games in the Philippines. 

e-mobile games on the up
You can now play most of your favourite e-sports on mobile. This is thanks to the industries ability to evolve | Image: Andrew “Donovan” Valdivia/ Unsplash

The game has two teams. Each opposing team has to fight hard to destroy their enemy’s territory while defending theirs. They fight to gain control of their path, three top, middle and bottom lanes that connect their territories. Some game characters called minions spawn in the territories and take the three lanes to the enemy’s territories, fighting them off to gain control.

Today, the game has over one billion downloads, and it has become one of the top-rated e-mobile games of all time. It’s also a very competitive game with intense but exhilarating matches lasting a maximum of 20 minutes. 

Call of Duty Mobile

This mobile game became available to players in October 2019. Within a year, it had over 270 million downloads and over €405M in revenue. Timi Studio Group developed Call of Duty Mobile and Activision published the PROXIMA BETA. It has received the BAFTA Games’ Award for EE Mobile Game of the Year and the Game Award for Best Mobile Game, among other awards.

To play the game, you need to either choose the ranked or non-ranked matches of the multiplayer modes. The game has two in-game currencies and COD points, which they require the players to purchase. However, it’s possible to play the entire game for free. To do this, they will require you to buy characters and weapon skins using the COD points. There is a private room where the multiplayer and the battle royale modes are accessible, and players can invite and compete with their in-game friends. Today, Call of duty mobile has grown massively, recording over 500 million downloads.

Clash Royale

The game uses a freemium strategy in real-time. The publisher and developer known as Supercell released it in March 2016. After the release, the game accumulated over one billion euros in less than one year. 

Clash Royale has received the Google Play Awards, British Academy Games Awards, International Mobile Gaming Awards, Finnish Game Awards, Pocket Gamer Mobile Games Awards. They have also received nominations in the British Academy Games Awards, Nordic Games Awards, and Game Developer Choice Awards, to mention a few.

The tower rush game has players in games featuring two or four players with the primary aim of destroying the enemy’s towers. If the players have an equal number of crowns or none has any crowns, they get two minutes for overtime. If there is still no clear winner, they go into a tie-breaker match where the towers lose their health, and the one with the least healthy towers on both sides gets destroyed. 

In the 2021 pro season, we expect the game to introduce a prize pool of at least €500,000.

Wild Rift

This is an online multiplayer battle arena game that was released in 2020. Within just a year of release, the game has over 50 million downloads. Riot Games developed and published this game which is available for download on iOS and Android operating systems. The game is available in various genres, including Mobile game Action role-playing games, Real-time strategy, and Multiplayer online battle arena.

Wild Rift has a similar game mode to the PF version of the League of Legends (LoL). A match has ten players distributed into two teams. The players must each select a character known as a champion in the in-game mode. Teams aim to destroy the Nexus in the enemy’s territory, and the first to destroy it wins the match. 

Asphalt 9: Legends

Asphalt 9: Legends was designed by Marc Garcia launched in March 2018. It is available for download and plays on several platforms, including iOS, Android, Macintosh, Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Series S, and Nintendo Switch operating systems. You can play it using the single-player or multiplayer video game modes. 

Initially, the game featured 48 cars during the soft launch. These went up to 52 cars after introducing four new ones. In the February 2021 update, they increased the number of cars to 123. The cars belong to various classes starting from D, C, B, A, and S. You start with a lower-class car, a D. then seek to unlock the next-level car and get a start-up. Most importantly, this game requires you to have a blueprint. The level-up gets you a car with higher performance and capabilities. Also, you can customize each car with the newly added feature known as the editors’ feature.

fortnite on mobile
Take your game with you: Most PC games are now available in mobile versions | Image: Erik Mclean

The Asphalt 9: Legends started the e-sport events with a prize pool of €210,000. Currently, the figure has gone up to €1M. It comes as a tremendous surprise that the game became a massive success after getting all kinds of criticism and being called childish because of the cartoon graphics. The game might not be an A-league game like the rest on this list, but it sure is one of the most exciting games for the spectators to watch.

Clocking Out…

The mobile device is the future of pretty much every online interaction. Knowing this only too well, the e-sport industry is actively creating e- mobile titles. These games make gaming a whole new experience. There are numerous titles to choose from. Some are mobile versions of your regular e-sports. Conversely, some are designed purely for mobile devices. You can opt for a mobile device to push your PC quest while on the go or you can choose to have a different experience with an entirely different game.

The good thing about e-mobile titles is their lightness. For them to play well on mobile, they have to be designed to match the devices’ storage and speed capabilities. However, this may mean a reduction in the quality or amount of graphics. This little design should not, however, make you shy away from mobile e-sports.

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